Social responsibility

Lider Hotel Manaus supports all initiatives involving sustainable, social development, through projects that create opportunities to minimize social impacts.

Volunteer Expeditionary Health Workers

The Association of Volunteer Expeditionary Health Workers (Associação Expedicionários da Saúde) is an organization that congregates volunteer doctors in expeditions through the Amazonian jungle that take medical specialists, especially surgeons, to Amerindian tribes within the Brazilian Amazon.

The Association of Volunteer Expeditionary Health Workers is an internationally recognized organization that in 2004, initiated a Program named Operating in the Amazon, which was recognized by Banco do Brasil, Petrobrás and UNESCO as an efficient social technology.


Association of collectors of discarded paper Maria do Bairro 

It is an association of non-lucrative, civil rights, based in solidarity, 
cooperation, with the main objective of developing recycling of discarded materials, thus promoting effective socio-economic well being of workers dedicated to collection and beneficiation of recyclable materials (organic and inorganic).




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